Welcome To Lets Rent Tenant Referencing

The First Online Tenant Database

The first online tenant database for the creation and recording of tenant references available exclusively for landlords and letting agents

Welcome To Lets Rent Tenant Referencing

The First Online Tenant Database

The first online tenant database for the creation and recording of tenant references available exclusively for landlords and letting agents

Welcome To Lets Rent Tenant Referencing

The First Online Tenant Database

The first online tenant database for the creation and recording of tenant references available exclusively for landlords and letting agents

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Our tenant database is the only fully GDPR compliant database



Lets Rent Referencing was created by a team who have all been both tenants and property professionals.

They have all had considerable first hand experience of the inadequacy of the current reference processes both as tenants and as working in the property market.

Innovative Tenant Referencing

The processes and AI Machine Learning tools developed allow users to quickly and efficiently record tenant references and for us to store them with the express purpose of showing a more accurate review history for tenants.

Fully GDPR Compliant

We created a factually based, non opinionated, fully GDPR compliant tenant reference process.

  • Lets Rent UK Provides an online Tenant reference catalogue for Landlords and Agents
  • FREE reference creation tool is up to 30 times faster than current processes
  • Users save on average 30-82 working hours per year
  • References are factual, non-opinionated and GDPR compliant
  • Merit based references
  • Find references in minutes not days
  • View a tenants full profile from last 7 years
  • Not just last reference but every reference
  • A solution that helps tenants, agents and landlords
  • As well as saving users time, money and stress
Lets Rent is a unique tenant reference platform unlike any on the property market.

Our platform enables the creation of and instant recording of tenant references on a single site which can be accessed by any registrant within minutes, not days.

  • Lets Rent is a bespoke system that enables tenant/landlord references to be created up to 30 times faster than anything else on the market saving members considerable time.
  • The system is factually based and 100% non-opinionated.
  • Our search tool allows tenant references to be accessed in minutes not days.
  • Our Catalogue enables members to see a tenant’s full reference profile, not just from their last property but all of them up to 7 years.
  • Our specialist rating tool allows members to see the accumulated total rating of a tenant in an easy-to-use snapshot.
  • The tenant reference process is fully functional with B2Ls and HMOs.
  • We have our own code of conduct and zero tolerance policy.
To ensure the accuracy and honesty of tenant references every member must agree to adhere to our Code of Conduct, any individual who does not follow this will be instantly blacklisted from our system. Losing the many advantages and benefits that our site provides to their business.
Yes the system is 100% fully GDPR compliant.
  • Registrants can create a tenant reference up to 30 times faster, saving Letting Agents and Landlords vast amounts of time in their businesses.
  • Having a standalone platform for instant recording saves even more time in searching for tenant references and dealing with requests for references.
  • Members can expect to save up to 82 working hours per year.
  • Saving time allows members to save money, stress and focus on running their businesses.
  • References can be recorded pre and post a tenant vacating premises for maximum accuracy.
  • Tenant references can be created upon request of a reference or after a tenant has vacated the property.
  • All of these benefits are completely
  • The unique Lets Rent tenant reference platform enables members to see a tenants full reference profile, consisting of multiple references from multiple agents.
  • Our factual merit based reference process will replace the current “first come first served” application process.
  • Out system will provide key information for members to enable them to find the most suitable tenant for a property
  • As well as providing the best peace of mind for landlords
  • Using the Instant benefits is completely FREE.
  • Accessing references is available in 3 subscription options for members.

1)FREE-Allows access to basic reference

2)PAYG-Members can pay a one-off fee of £7+VAT to access an individual references

3)Monthly-Members can pay a monthly fee of £35+VAT to access as many references in a month as they wish.

Access unlimited tenant references for a set a monthly fee.

Unique tools and processes designed by property professionals and industry experts. 100%
Lets Rents goal is to reward good tenants and support the property industry. 100%
Lets Rents is a bespoke platform designed to save users time, money and stress. 100%
We take the stress out of referencing. 100%
Simple and easy to use systems. 100%
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    Our Testimonials

    Lets Rent is a new innovative way of recording tenant references. We all go through the same process as letting agents when dealing with new applications. We spend time ringing around to try and get the prospective tenants past 2/3 landlord references. Half of the time the tenants do not recall who their previous landlord was (or secretly do not want me to know). This makes the process tiresome! This new system offers credibility! Genuine references left by genuine landlords/agents that can stay on the system for years! This allows us to vet tenants thoroughly and effectively. We are very excited to watch the site grow and will certainly continue to use Let's Rent.
    Zoe Humble
    Elite Lettings - Co.Durham
    We have signed up with Lets Rest as we feel this will benefit our agency, our landlords and the tenants. So far, so good! Its important we encourage tenants to sign up to the portal as this also really benefits them in the speed of the moving process. We with governments white paper also stating that tenants can have a opened ended tenancy agreement seeing if tenant flit from property to property is also good information for us because at the end of the day we want to secure long standing tenants for our client as this will save them money from less voids and agency fee’s. Tenants must be held accountable for damages and arrears and up to now the majority get away with it untraced.
    Joni Higson
    Higson Homes - Hull
    As landlords with 4 properties in SW London I am more than happy to sign up for your service. It’s a great idea. We have had problem tenants over the years and if your service was around then, it would at least have provided us with an extra filter, saving us money. I look forward to working with you.
    Robin Andrews
    Visiongain Reports Ltd

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